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2477 entries.
Emily Davis from South Chesterfield
- A Cuddly Snuggle Bear and a free sample of snuggle fabric Softener
Barbara from Dansville
- $50 Fanatics Digital GC, from Mike's Harder Lemonade.
Shannon M. Harris from Austin, TX
- Ferrero Rochers' 31 Days of Halloween sweepstakes: calendar and candy basket
sarah from Lagos
- I won a trophy but not that big though
kiva from detroit
- I won $150 from Tide Turn To Cold! thank you Todd
Darlene from Falls City
- A snuggle ! I just got back from Dr I was so happy !
Karin B from Southaven
- I won a backpack from FUD “Back to School” sweepstakes! Thank you FUD and Thank You Todd!
Justina from Gloucester VA
- Thanks Todd! A Snuggle teddy bear and fabric softener sample. 10,000 bears mailed out it says, value has got to be more than just the 5.50 each they say.
Michael nicholas from Philadelphia
- A Snuggle bear ! Its adorable and a sample of snuggle fabric conditioner thanks again !
Sandra. Blair from Edgewood
- The Ultimate Picnic
Karen from Round Rock
- First prize winner of the Corona protect our beaches box sweepstakes. Thanks!
Carli Howell from Durham
- Bose headphones from Jaritos!
Susan from Camas
- Just received a really nice OGIO backpack from the FUD "Back To School" Sweeps Surprise win....regular mail
Pooja from Waukegan
- I won $ 10
Nicole from New Jersey
- I won a backpack in the FUD Back To School Sweepstakes. Thanks!
Juanita Worth from NE
- Amazon gc
Amber Fryman from Paris
- 2 Elijah Craig Bourbon Glasses
Corlette from Oklahoma city
- Over $2k from Mykaytee and other prizes.
Michelle York from Burlington
- T shirt
Caryn House from Aransas Pass
- I won a Houston Texans hat!