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Want to go to Disney?

Would you like to see Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse?  Or how about seeing the smile on your kids faces while they take pictures with Pluto and Goofy?  Or just maybe you would love to share in their joy when they defeat the biggest and baddest roller coaster in Universal Studios.  Well, whatever your reason is for wanting to go to Disney, you might have a chance to win a trip for you and your family to Disney by entering some fantastic Disney sweepstakes.  There are so many fun things to do at Disney World fro riding the roller coasters to catching the fireworks during the holidays at night.  At one of the theme parks (I think it is Universal Studios), you can go to different countries of the world (the theme park pretends that it is separated into different countries) and try the food from that country.  For example, I went to the land of Morocco to have some great Moroccan food within the theme park last time I visited Orlando.  You could also go to Magic Kingdom and ride on a jungle cruise or tour a haunted mansion.  Furthermore, you could visit Sea World to see some of the animals that rule the ocean today, and you could even catch one of their famous shows.

If you would like to see the Disney fireworks, you could of course view them from the theme park, but you can also see them from one of the great Walt Disney World Resorts.  All of the Disney Resorts are very nice, but three in particular that are great are the Swan, the Dolphin and the Grand Floridian.  The Swan hotel consists of a twelve story main building with two seven-story wings, and there are two graceful swan sculptures on its rooftop.  The Dolphin hotel has a twenty-seven story main building and tower with four nine-story wings, and there are two fifty six foot Dolphin fountains on the roof.  The Grand Floridian resort is Disney’s top resort which is constructed in the style of Victorian era architecture.  As I said before, you can see the fireworks from any of these great resorts, or if you do not really care to see the fireworks, you can just walk around the resorts and see all of the great architecture that they have to offer.  You can also dine at one of their fabulous restaurants, or get a snack at one of their pool bars.  Be careful though, some of the restaurants in these fabulous hotels can run you a pretty penny.  (For example a few years back, I had a steak at one of the restaurants in the Grand Floridian, and it cost me forty five dollars.  However the next day, I had a sandwich from the pool bar that cost me ten dollars.)

Besides going to the theme parks and the Disney resorts, there is one thing that you definitely would like to do when you are in Orlando.  When you are in Orlando, you definitely want to stop by Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Most people should know what Ripley’s Believe It or Not is, but in case you do not, Ripley’s Believe It or Not shows people pictures with captions that might be real or fake.  For example when I went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not many years ago, there was a picture of a man who was over one thousand pounds and he lived until the age of twenty nine.  Then it asked you to decide if it was real or fake. After I decided that it was fake, it showed me the real answer (which I forget).  Another picture showed a man making a face, and the caption said that the man made so many faces so many times that his face stuck.  Is this real or fake?  Now that you know what it is, I will say that you can be here for a couple or a few hours and you’ll be amazed how time just flies by.

Now you know there are many things to do at Disney World.  So, if you would like to take your family on a vacation to Disney World, then feel free to try your luck at a Disney Sweepstakes (hopefully, you will be a grand prize winner and win a trip to Disney).