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Top 7 Sweepstakes to Win a New Car

Posted June 20, 2013

win a carIf you’re itching to get a new car but don’t feel like shelling out the cash, why not try winning a new set of wheels in one of these great new sweepstakes? Here’s a list of the top 7 sweepstakes to win a new car.

Penzoil Four Wheels to Freedom Sweepstakes

The Penzoil Four Wheels to Freedom Sweepstakes is giving away one very special ride. If you win this sweepstakes, you’ll take home a 2013 Dodge Challenger SERT customized by country legend Tim McGraw. Not only will you snag a sweet set of wheels, but Chrysler will throw in $10,000 to cover the taxes on your winning! The contest is open to residents over the age of 18 in the USA and Canada until July 31, 2013. Just remember to enter this sweepstakes only once: people who enter multiple times will be disqualified.

Exit the Highway Sweepstakes

In the Exit the Highway Sweepstakes, there’s a brand new Prius V up for grabs. To enter for your chance to win the super-sleek and eco-friendly Prius, enter online, upload your photos of your favorite nature spots, pin a great nature spot on a virtual map, or submit a nature story. Each photo, story, and pin will count as an entry towards the car.  You may even win one of the 11 weekly contest prizes: a totally cool Audubon Guide app for your smartphone. This contest is open to residents of the continental United States and Canada until July 31, 2013.

Ford Experience Tour Sweepstakes

By entering the Ford Experience Tour Sweepstakes, you could take home a 2013 or 2014 Ford vehicle of your choice. As far as sweepstakes go, this one is pretty straightforward. Sign up at the official entry page one time and one time only. If you’d like to up your odds by getting an additional entry, sign up at an official Ford Experience Tour event. The contest is open to 18+ residents in the US and Canada until December 21, 2013. Don’t forget to try for another chance to win a Ford with the Octane Academy No Skills Required Sweepstakes. You can enter once a week until July 28, 2013 for your chance to win a 2013 Ford Fiesta ST.

Michigan International Speedway Sweepstakes

The Michigan International Speedway Sweepstakes  will hook up one lucky winner with a 2013 Ford Fusion Energi. This contest has lots of great prizes for runners up, so make sure to enter this one before the giveaway ends on August 17, 2013. Limit one entry per person.

Bilstein’s Just Add Sweepstakes

In the Bilstein’s Just Add Sweepstakes, all you have to do is vote for your favorite car for a chance to win a BMW 335i, A Ford F-150, or a Ford Mustang GT. Although you’re only allowed to enter once, you’ll be given 20 additional entries by sharing the link to the sweepstakes on Twitter and Facebook. The contest is open to residents of the continental US until August 15, 2013.

eBay Garage Fantasy Motor Sweepstakes

And don’t forget to check out the sweet 2013 Nissan GT-R up for grabs in the eBay Garage Fantasy Motor Sweepstakes. To win this amazing ride, create a vehicle profile on the eBay Garage website before July 4, 2013. Each time you add a new photo to your profile, it counts as an entry, so you can enter every day.

For more great car giveaways, check the webpages of your favorite car manufacturers: chances are they’ll be holding a sweepstakes, so don’t pass up a chance to win a new set of wheels. Good luck!

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