NYNE NB-200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker(Expired)

Are you looking for a golden egg this Easter? The NYNE NB-200 is an innovative portable Bluetooth speaker that you can win for your loved one this Easter. When you enjoy the holiday, take the NB-200 in your bag to the poolside or attach it on a bike or stroller with the provided custom clips. With its compact design, power and portability, the NB-200 proves all good things come in small packages.

The NB-200 has room-filling sound with amazing detail and convincing lows. It is so petite you can carry the NB-200 in a handbag, but if you need to make a call, make sure you use the built-in microphone for hands-free and conference calling. The NB-200 is the golden egg of Bluetooth speakers providing incredible acoustic engineering and sound.
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NYNE NB-200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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