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Giveaway Linkies

New to Giveaway Linkies?  Learn more

If you’re new to Linkies, here’s how they work.  A “Linky” is simply a list that anyone can add to. Linkies often appear on blogs because they make it easy for the blog owner to allow visitors to drop in their own links that will then appear on the blog.  Hence, the blog owner does not even have to get involved updating the blog. A “Giveaway Linky” is a type of linky  that focuses on listing giveaways.

If you’re looking for a ton of winnable giveaways to enter, giveaway linkies located on blogs are a great way to find them.  Since giveaways found on linkies can have lower entries, the giveaways are often very winnable!

If you see a giveaway linky that has an end date, it just means that the list closes on that date, and a new list will open up.  This helps keep the linky list to a manageable size and up to date.  Typically, linkies have end dates every week on the same date.

Bloggers use giveaway linkies a great tool to publicize their own giveaways.  Bloggers can locate giveaway linkies found on other sites and drop in a link back to their blog giveaway.  This way, site visitors can learn about the blogger and his/her giveaway and click to visit it.