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Be inspired to win sweepstakes

Posted June 6, 2013

Here is a story about a veteran “sweeper” that will inspire you to enter and give you strategies to win the next time you see that grand prize calling your name.

Carol Colbert, of Texas, has been entering sweepstakes 22 years. It has been worth her time with her big wins such as a GMC Jimmy, a Dodge Neon, a motorcycle, televisions, recliners, and trips to Las Vegas, Louisiana, cash payouts and more.

There is a simple reason why Colbert enters sweepstakes. “I love this hobby and if there’s something that I want, I do it,” she said.

Sweepstakes takes more than determination. Winning takes time, organization and strategy. Colbert devotes hours each week, selects upcoming sweepstakes and prepares them for mailing. She stocks pre-addressed notecards, papers, postcards, assorted envelopes and stamps. Text entries and mail-in entries are her most common entry method.

When she won the GMC Jimmy in her hometown, she entered 200 times because she “felt lucky.” Two years later she won a Dodge Neon.

“I was just so happy!” she said of her GMC Jimmy win.

Her GMC Jimmy win was luck with strategy. The contest was local and she could enter multiple times rather than a U.S. sweepstakes which can have limited entries per person.

Her family and friends have benefitted from her winnings. She has given her winnings to her children and grandchildren. She even won a $10,000 HEB Texas Home Giveaway for her friend.

Things have changed since Colbert began entering sweepstakes in 1991. She notes that big companies are not giving away as much as they used to give. Companies used to award thousands of products but they do not give away as much as they did in past years. She speculates that it is the economy with people spending less.

To support her sweepstakes wins, Colbert shares information with fellow sweepers, reads sweepstakes newsletters and shops for sweeping supplies.

Colbert has changed her entry habits since she first began sweeping. She prefers to enter state and local sweepstakes because the odds of winning are better. If the sponsor is giving away quite a few prizes, it is another incentive to enter.

Her winning advice: Read the sweepstakes directions and follow them carefully.
“If you’re not winning, change your strategy. If you like something, just go on and do it,” she said. Now, which sweepstakes will you enter to win?

Brigitte Barry of SweepstakesFanatics wrote this article

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